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  • Pat was a pleasure having you again as our instructor. I personally, I'm keeping all your tips to help me through life and guide me to better myself as a professional. GRACIAS mi Amiga. :-)G4S Royal Palm Beach
  • Pat, you are the bomb! Just wanted to thank you so much for your class and for the special way you taught it. The way you taught it is the best way I learn, so it made it such a better class for me. If you ever reconsider working for Maurice, I love to have you as my partner because you are my sister from another mother. Take care.
  • Curtis Thompson
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class. I never dreamed I could learn so much in 3 days. I am looking forward to the next one. Tucker cannot wait to come back. Give BJ my regards.
  • Kathy Leah/ ACME investigations,Panama City .Fla.
  • Hey Pat, , just wanted to tell you thank you for the class and the education I have recieved over the last 3 days. I look foward to working further with you as I proceed in this industry.
  • Jesse G. Jacksonville
  • Hey Pat,once again, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your school for a well taught intern prep course. I believe the knowledge I learned from your course will help me form a strong foundation to build on as I enter a career in the Private Investigation industry.
  • thank you very much, Eric Martinez
  • Pat. Just wanted to say thank you, your class was very exciting, your approach to teaching us kept me wanting to hear more and wishing for a longer class just to here your stories and experiences. Again thank you.
  • BenBrookWarriner
  • Pat Yodice has a "Unique and refreshing" way of blending real life events with required study. The result is a fun class with great learning for students. Pat is a top notch investigator, quality instructor, and a super person. I highly recommend Pat Yodice and Blue Ribbon Investigations Institute for those pursuing a career in the field of Private Investigation.
Brian McElroy
  • Informative, Reality Based, Engaging and instructive career oriented details are a few of the descriptive words that equate to the Private Investigative Course given by Blue Ribbon Investigative Institute. Pat Yodice is sincerely dedicated to providing a comprehensive program to all her students. When you complete the course you will have the tools to set you on the road to becoming a professional Private Investigator.
  • Charles R. Carter
  • Pat,Thanks for sharing your vast experience and knowledge conducting the A part of the cc intern class. You made the class worthwhile and interesting to say the least. Your work ethic and desire to do your very best is second to none.Carl T.Newberry,FL/G4S Fire Investigator
  • 03-17-2009 Pat, Thank you again for all the training, education and a realistic understanding of how to apply what I’ve learned. I am confident the examples you gave of what it is really like in the real world of being a PI are going to assist in so many ways in preventing me from making all those newbie mistakes and put my career far ahead of any that are trained elsewhere.Sincerely,T Reed/spring Hill
  • Pat,Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! Your expertise at this profession along with your shared experiences have definitely made me confident about excelling in this field. You present the material in such a way that the information and knowledge you give is actually retained! Not only that, but you made it so entertaining at the same time. I wish I had more teachers like you throughout school! I would recommend this over any online or correspondence course. It is well worth the money. You will not regret it. Elly/Orlando
  • Hey Pat, I wanted to thank you again for the Education and experience you bring to the class. I'm sure your experience will help me remember some techniques when I'm out there in the real world. Emilio.Bail Surety Agent/Miami
  • I am so glad that I made the choice to attend class at the Blue Ribbon Investigative Institue. I feel I have received the best training possible to become a great Private Investigator. Pat teaches from the book and also teaches from experience. The class is fun and informative on many levels. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to have a successful career in Private Investigations, even those who already have a license.
  • Patty Saunders/Umatilla
  • If you are thinking of taking the investigator course and don't go to Blue Ribbon ,you will be making a big mistake. Not only do you get all the information you will need ,you also get over 30 years of Pat's experience as Law Enforment and Private Investigator.Had a great time and learned alot, you can't learn to be a good P.I. taking the an line course .mrutzebeck/Pine Ridge

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